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Advantages of Using High-Definition Videoconferencing in a Small Office


Small office, home office (SOHO) is a residence or small site connected to the Internet using standard broadband technology such as DSL or cable. SOHO has gained popularity due to the advent of high-speed broadband connectivity, low- cost computing equipment, and innovations in secure remote access and visual communication infrastructure.

Enterprises and large corporations are encouraging employees who telecommute and employees with extreme daily commutes to utilize video as a telecommunications tool because it allows enterprises to save on physical infrastructure costs and address environmental factors. To enhance the productivity of teleworkers, a small office with reliable and cost-effective high-definition videoconferencing functionality is essential. A high-definition videoconference requires a network that can respond dynamically to the needs of the service, allocating network resources and providing a feedback loop between applications, users, and network infrastructure.

The Juniper Networks intelligent network infrastructure, in combination with Polycom high-definition videoconferencing, provides a solution that:

  • Enables the delivery of high-definition video over a single converged network, significantly lowering service provider costs and improving return on investment (ROI).

  • Enhances consistent customer experience by providing high-quality visual communications that are secure, scalable and cost effective.

  • Provides scalable bandwidth on optimal hardware.

  • Delivers predictable quality of service (QoS) performance and a rich set of security and service functions simultaneously.

  • Provides a trustworthy network security perimeter for secure applications.

  • Accelerates time to market as service providers deliver compelling video services faster with network convergence.

  • Allows different service models, enabling service providers to offer managed video services that can be easily administered.

The joint solution takes advantage of network intelligence to ensure quality of experience for high-definition videoconferencing services from the desktop to the boardroom. By leveraging an intelligent infrastructure from Juniper Networks, service providers can deliver greater customer value through assured video experiences that are consistent, scalable, secure, and easy for end users to access.