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Appendix: Connecting Junos Fusion Enterprises Using MPLS Quick Configuration Procedure


This appendix provides a quick summary of the configuration tasks performed in this network configuration example. it includes the CLI entered on all devices in the topology.

The commands are presented in a copy and paste friendly format. It provides basic explanations regarding the purpose of each task along with text identifying the device that should perform the procedure. The non-command text in this section is formatted so that the Junos OS CLI ignores the explanatory text if it is directly copied into the Junos OS CLI.

See Example: Connecting Junos Fusion Enterprises Over EVPN-MPLS for the detailed step-by-step procedures performed in this network configuration example.



Building 1: Radius server Configuration for dot1x and mac authentication

Radius server login Credentials:

File located : /etc/freeradius/users in radius server

Building 1: Radius server config for VOIP and data (phone behind PC)