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About This Network Configuration Example


This network configuration example shows how to configure a data center network built using Junos Fusion Data Center with EVPN. The topology includes four aggregation devices at the aggregation layer that are multihomed to each satellite device. The satellite devices operate at the access layer and provide network connectivity for endpoint devices to access the network. The topology uses either iBGP or OSPF as the routing protocol to exchange routes between the aggregation devices and EVPN as the control protocol between the aggregation devices.

Junos Fusion Data Center is optimized to support medium-scale data center networks that provide network access for thousands of end systems. One Junos Fusion Data Center can support up to 3,000 access interfaces that are managed from the aggregation devices. The topology used in this network configuration example is valid but is also intentionally down-scaled for illustrative purposes. A typical Junos Fusion Data Center with four aggregation devices supports more access interfaces than the topology presented in this network configuration example.