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Use Case Overview


Financial trading enterprises such as stock exchanges, futures exchanges, brokerage houses, and software integrators typically deploy multicast for market data delivery.

Optimizing Multicast Delivery: An Overview

Multicast is the most effective and efficient carrier of market data feeds from a network standpoint. Financial organizations deploy large-scale multicast infrastructures to enable trading and e-commerce.

In the current world, multicast is used for market data delivery as it is proven that multicast can scale. Due to the inherently unreliable nature of multicast, packets might be lost in the transmission network. Hence, two feeds (primary and backup) are used to ensure that no data is lost. All market data provided from the exchange is supported in various market data formats. If data is missing on the primary feed, it can be recovered from the backup feed.

In financial enterprises deploying multicast for market data delivery, devices such as QFX Series devices are used to connect multicast sources (servers) and receivers (clients), and SRX Series devices are used to connect QFX devices securely. The requirements of optimizing multicast delivery include:

  • Quick convergence

  • Secure forwarding

  • Efficient forwarding

  • Efficient debugging

  • High availability


Juniper Networks QFX Series switches are designed to be high-performance, high-density platforms that satisfy the needs of today’s most demanding financial enterprise environments. QFX5100 switches are low-latency, high-performance 10GbE/40GbE switches that act as a flexible building block for fabric architectures and are designed for top-of-rack, end-of-row, and spine-and-leaf aggregation deployments.

Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways are high-performance, highly scalable, carrier-class security devices with multiprocessor architecture. SRX5600 devices are ideal for securing financial trading enterprises and aggregating security services through the use of security policies.


In this network configuration example, we describe the scenario where QFX5100 switches, together with an SRX5600 chassis cluster and firewall security policies, provide the basis for the deployment of the market data delivery environment. This deployment enables the quick failover of traffic during link failures and provides network security, redundancy, and network efficiency. A clustered SRX firewall point of delivery supports IP multicast to bring market data feeds into a corporate network from external sources. The primary and backup market data feeds are routed through separate SRX Series devices in the cluster.