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ACX Autoinstallation Overview


The zero touch deployment (ZTD) process includes three general phases, as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1: ZTD Phases - Overview
ZTD Phases - Overview

Phase 0, and the overall ZTD process, begins with the autoinstallation function. This essential building block of the overall solution enables automatic configuration of initial network settings on a new ACX router when it is first connected to a network and powered on. The autoinstallation feature is part of the factory default configuration, as shown here:


If no network connectivity is established for 5 minutes, a system reboot is required to reinitiate the autoinstallation process.

Obtaining an IP Address

When an ACX router is powered on for the first time, it sends out DHCP, BOOTP, or RARP requests on all connected interfaces (except the management port) to obtain an IP address.

The ACX router sends a DHCPDISCOVER packet with the following options:

  • Vendor class identifier (option 60)—Identifies the type of the platform: ACX500, ACX1100, ACX2100, ACX4000, ACX5048, or ACX5096

  • DHCP request (option 53)

The DHCP server responds with the DHCPOFFER with the following details:

  • IP-Address (client)

  • Router-address (option 3)

  • DHCP-Server ip-address (option 54)

  • tftp-server ip-address (option 150)

  • Boot File Name (option 67; relative path)—The IP address, location, and name of a basic configuration file to download

The ACX router sends a DHCPREQUEST message to take ownership of the offered IP address, and the DHCP Server responds with a DHCPACK, completing the DHCP message exchange.

Interface Support for Autoinstallation

Each ACX platform supports autoinstallation on particular interfaces. As of this writing, autoinstallation interface support is as shown in Table 1:

Table 1: Interfaces Supporting Autoinstallation


Interfaces Supporting Autoinstallation


  • ge-0/0/0 through ge-0/0/1

  • ge-0/1/0 through ge-0/1/3


  • ge-0/1/0 through ge-0/1/7

  • ge-0/2/0 through ge-0/2/3


  • ge-0/0/0 through ge-0/0/7

  • ge-0/1/0 through ge-0/1/3


  • ge-0/1/0 through ge-0/1/7

  • ge-0/2/0 through ge-0/2/1

  • xe-0/3/0 through xe-0/3/1


  • ge-1/0/0 through ge-1/0/3

  • ge-1/1/0 through ge-1/1/3

  • ge-1/2/0 through ge-1/2/1

  • xe-1/3/0 through xe-1/3/1


  • ge-0/0/0 through ge-0/0/3

  • ge-0/1/0 through ge-0/1/3

  • ge-0/2/0 through ge-0/2/1

  • xe-0/3/0 through xe-0/3/1


  • ge-0/0/0 through ge-0/0/7

  • ge-0/1/0 through ge-0/1/1

  • ge-1/0/0 through ge-1/0/5

  • ge-1/1/0 through ge-1/1/5

  • xe-0/2/0 through xe-0/2/1


  • xe-0/0/0 through xe-0/0/47


  • xe-0/0/0 through xe-0/0/95