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Use Case for Multiple Services on an MX Series Router


Network operators are adding more revenue-generating services by providing dynamic application awareness and provisioning network resources based on application type. The Juniper Networks solution supports provisioning of the appropriate enforcement functions on the forwarding plane in real time.

Enforcement functions include:

  • Rate limiting traffic

  • Classifying traffic (DiffServ code point [DSCP] mark for class-of-service [CoS] handling)

  • Connection closing, blocking specific application traffic

Dynamic application awareness supports intrusion prevention and tiered service-based billing.

IPv4 address depletion is a reality, and providers are evaluating next-generation networks addressing needs. Service providers are looking for solutions to address IPv4 address exhaustion and ways to easily transition to IPv6 so they can add new subscribers and ensure steady business growth.

MX Series routers are built to deliver 3D scale for bandwidth, subscribers, and services. The combination of a scalable Junos® operating system (Junos OS), the flexibility and programmability of the Junos Trio chipset, and support for advanced security, firewall, and CGN features on the MS-DPC blade together offer an “all in one box” solution. Open Junos SDK service providers can also build custom applications and can differentiate your service offerings.