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About This Network Configuration Example


This network configuration example describes the reference architecture for the wired infrastructure of a midsize enterprise campus, discusses considerations and recommendations for designing a midsize campus network, and provides configuration examples for configuring a highly available, secure network that delivers a high quality of services to end users and applications.

This network configuration example is a validated solution within the enterprise campus domain. Juniper Networks validated solutions are complete domain architectures that are expert designed, lab tested at scale, and documented to provide guidance in the deployment of complex solutions. Juniper Networks solution validation labs put all solutions through extensive testing using both simulation and live network elements to ensure comprehensive validation of all published solutions. Customer use cases, common domain examples, and field experience are combined to generate prescriptive configurations and architectures to guide customer and partner implementations of Juniper Networks solutions. This approach enables partners and customers to reduce time to certify and verify new designs by providing tested, prescriptive configurations to use as a baseline.

The Juniper Networks midsize enterprise campus solution addresses the end-to-end validated architecture required to deliver a design and implementation strategy for today’s campus environments, built upon a reliable and secure Juniper foundation. Validation comes through testing that encompasses not only the basic connectivity required to provide service for the campus, but also tests the scale and policy on the entire design, resulting in an architecture that the customers can trust.