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Network Configuration Example: EX Series Switches Driven by Mist AI


Juniper Mist Wired Assurance gives you centralized management through the Juniper Mist Cloud Architecture, and with it, full visibility into the devices that comprise your access layer network topology. You can monitor, measure, and alert on key compliance metrics for the wired network including switch version compliance, PoE compliance, switch-AP-Affinity, and VLANs insights. The combination of Juniper EX Series switches and Access Points (APs) driven by Mist AI supports dense, heavily utilized networks hosting a large number of mobile devices, and provides end-user security and reliable performance.

Use the examples in this Network Configuration Example (NCE) to connect a Juniper EX Series switch to the Juniper Mist cloud, configure it for ongoing operations, and to connect Juniper APs.

The examples assume that you are already familiar with Junos OS CLI commands and syntax, and that you have some experience with the Juniper Mist cloud Architecture. It is written for solution implementers, including network architects, administrators, and engineers responsible for setting up the service integration. They are organized into three groups,

  • Day 0 represents zero-touch and single-click activation for adopting new and existing switches into the Juniper Mist cloud.

  • Day 1 represents template-based configuration for scaling switches across the organization, site, or individual switches.

  • Day 2 represents ongoing switch insights and intelligence, leveraging the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant driven by Mist AI.