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Configuring Multiple Port Mirroring Sessions on EX4300 Switches


Port mirroring is a traffic monitoring tool that is available in Juniper Networks® EX Series Ethernet Switches. Port mirroring sends copies of IPv4 or IPv6 packets from configured input sources to monitoring stations. An analyzer application installed in these monitoring stations can further analyze the traffic and identify problems, if any, in the network by locating abnormal or heavy bandwidth usage from particular stations or applications. To obtain maximum benefit from port mirroring, you must adhere to certain guidelines when you configure port mirroring on a switch. For instance, a configuration guideline for Juniper Networks EX2300, EX3200, EX3400, and EX4300 switches says that you can configure multiple analyzers on a switch, but you can enable only one analyzer session at any point in time.

This document provides a workaround to this guideline so that you can configure multiple active analyzer sessions at any point in time on an EX4300 switch. You can use the same workaround for EX2300, EX3200, and EX3400 switches. This document provides a step-by-step procedure that explains the implementation details.