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    VSE1100 and VSE2100 Rear Panel Features

    See Figure 1 for the VSE1100 and VSE2100 rear panel features.Table 2 describes the rear panel components.

    Figure 1: VSE1100 and VSE2100 Rear Panel Features

    VSE1100 and VSE2100
Rear Panel Features

    Table 1 lists the VSE1100 and VSE2100 components on the rear panel.

    Table 1: VSE1100 and VSE2100 Components on the Rear Panel




    Cooling fans

    2 and 7

    Preinstalled Drive 0 and Drive 1 respectively

    3 and 4

    Removable cooling fans


    Removable AC power supplies


    Power switch

    Table 2: Description of the VSE1100 and VSE2100 Rear Panel Components



    Cooling fans

    Draw air through the air inlet on the chassis front panel and exhausts it through the fan vents on the chassis rear panel

    Power switch

    Switch to power on or power off the device

    Power supply

    Replaceable AC or DC power supply

    Published: 2013-03-12