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PTX10001 Cooling System


PTX10001 Cooling System Description

Fan Modules

The cooling system in a PTX10001 device consists of fan modules and a single fan in each power supply. There are five fan modules in the PTX10001. The airflow direction on the PTX10001 is airflow out, air comes into the device through the vents in the port panel.

The fan modules in the PTX10001 are hot-insertable and hot-removable field-replaceable units (FRUs). These fan modules are designed for the airflow out direction. The fan modules are installed in the fan module slots on the management panel of the device next to the power supplies. The PTX10001 has 5 fan modules numbered 0 through 4 from left to right. Each fan module slot has a fan icon next to it.

Figure 1 shows the location of the fan modules on the device. Figure 2 shows an example of the fan module.

Figure 1: PTX10001 FRU Panel
PTX10001 FRU Panel
Management panel
Power supplies (2)
Fan modules (5)

Figure 2 shows the fan module for the PTX10001.

Figure 2: PTX10001 Fan Module
PTX10001 Fan Module

You remove and replace a fan module from the FRU end of the chassis. During replacement, the device continues to operate if a fan module is removed. If all fan modules are removed, the device will operate for 30 seconds before the device shuts down.


All fan modules must be installed for optimal operation of the device.

Table 1 lists the fan module product SKU.

Table 1: PTX10001 Fan Modules

Fan Module

Label on the Fan Module

Direction of Airflow in the Fan Module

Power Supplies



Port-to-FRU, that is, air comes in through vents on the end with ports; air exhausts out the end with the fans (also known as front-to-back airflow).

You must install only power supplies that have AIR OUT labels in devices in which the fan modules have AIR OUT labels.

Airflow Through the Chassis

In the PTX10001 cooling system, cool air enters through the vents in the port panel and hot air exhausts through the FRU panel. This type of airflow is known as airflow out or port-to-FRU airflow. When the chassis is installed, it must be positioned so that the FRUs are next to the hot aisle. Figure 3 shows the airflow through the chassis.

Figure 3: Airflow Through the PTX10001 Chassis (Port-to-FRU)
Airflow Through the PTX10001
Chassis (Port-to-FRU)

Under normal operating conditions, the fan modules operate at a moderate speed. Temperature sensors in the chassis monitor the temperature within the chassis. The system raises an alarm if a fan module fails or if the ambient temperature inside the chassis rises above the acceptable range. If the temperature inside the chassis rises above the threshold temperature, the system shuts down automatically.

PTX10001 Fan Module LEDs

You can check the status of fan modules through the show system alarms command or by looking at the LEDs next to each fan module.

Figure 4 shows the location of the LED next to the fan module.

Figure 4: Fan Module LEDs on a PTX10001
Fan Module LEDs on a PTX10001

Use Table 2 describes the function of the fan module LED.

Table 2: PTX10001 Fan Module LED

LED Color

LED State



On steadily

The fan module is operating normally. The system has verified that the module is engaged, that the airflow is in the correct direction, and that the fan is operating correctly.



An error has been detected in the fan module. Replace the fan module as soon as possible. Either the fan has failed or it is seated incorrectly. To maintain proper airflow through the chassis, leave the fan module installed in the chassis until you are ready to replace it.