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    Monitoring Redundant SFMs


    To monitor redundant Switching and Forwarding Modules (SFMs) and ensure that traffic transiting the router is handled properly. SFMs contain the Internet Processor II application-specific integration circuits (ASICs), which make forwarding decisions, and the Distributed Buffer Manager ASICs, which distribute data cells throughout memory and forward notification of outgoing packets. (See Table 1.)


    Table 1: Checklist for Monitoring Redundant SFMs

    Monitor Redundant SFM Tasks

    Command or Action

    Check M40e Router Redundant SFM Configuration
    Understand M40e Router Redundant SFM Operation
    Understand M160 Router Redundant SFM Operation
    Display Redundant SFM Hardware Information

    show chassis hardware

    Monitor Redundant SFM Status
    1. Display the SFM Summary Status

    show chassis sfm sfm-slot

    show chassis sfm detail sfm-slot

    1. Display the SFM LED Status at the Command Line

    show chassis craft-interface

    1. Check the SFM LED Status on the Faceplate

    Check the SFM faceplate at the back of the M40e and M160 router chassis.

    1. Display the SFM Environmental Status

    show chassis environment

    show chassis environment sfm slot

    Display M40e Router Redundant SFM Mastership
    1. Display SFM Mastership at the Command Line

    show chassis sfm

    1. Display SFM Mastership Information from the Craft Interface

    show chassis craft-interface

    Display Redundant SFM Alarms
    1. Display the Current Redundant SFM Alarms

    show chassis alarms

    1. Display SFM Error Messages in the System Log File

    show log messages

    1. Display SFM Error Messages in the Chassis Daemon Log File

    show log chassisd | match sfm

    Verify SFM Failure
    1. Check the SFM Connection

    Check the thumbscrews on the SFM ejector locking tabs.

    1. Restart the SFM

    request chassis sfm slot slot-number restart

    1. Perform an SFM Swap Test
    1. Take the SFM offline.
    2. Replace the SFM with one that you know works.
    3. Bring the SFM online.
    4. Check the SFM status by using the show chassis sfm command.
    Control Redundant SFMs
    1. Take an SFM Offline

    request chassis sfm slot slot-number offline

    1. Bring an SFM Online

    request chassis sfm slot slot-number online

    1. Switch SFM Mastership

    (M40e router only) request chassis sfm master switch <no-confirm>

    Replace an SFM
    1. Take the SFM offline.
    2. Remove the failed SFM.
    3. Install a new SFM.
    4. Bring the SFM online.
    5. Verify that SFM is online by using the show chassis sfm command.

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    Published: 2012-08-20