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    Obtain SFM Hardware Information

    To get the hardware information you need to return a failed SFM:

    1. Display SFM Hardware Information
    2. Locate the SFM Serial Number ID Label

    Display SFM Hardware Information


    To display the SFM hardware information.


    To display the SFM hardware information, use the following command:

    user@host> show chassis hardware

    Sample Output

    user@host> show chassis hardware
    Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
    Chassis                                20079             M160
    [...Output truncated...]
    SFM 0 SPP        REV 04   710-001228   AA2860           
    SFM 0 SPR        REV 01   710-001224   AB0139            Internet Processor I
    SFM 1 SPP        REV 04   710-001228   AA2859           
    SFM 1 SPR        REV 02   710-001224   AA9861            Internet Processor I
    SFM 2 SPP        REV 06   710-001228   AB3082           
    SFM 2 SPR       
    SFM 3 SPP        REV 04   710-001228   AA1998           
    SFM 3 SPR        REV 01   710-001224   AB0137            Internet Processor I
    [...Output truncated...]


    The command output displays the SFM slot number and SFM serial component (SPP and SPR) card names, SFM revision level, part number, serial number, and description.

    Locate the SFM Serial Number ID Label


    To locate the serial number ID on the SFM.


    To locate the SFM serial number ID label, look on the left side of the SFM top panel (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1: SFM Serial Number ID Label

    SFM Serial Number ID

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    Published: 2012-08-20