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    Display SCG Error Messages in the Chassis Daemon Log File


    To determine the details of the SCG error messages in the chassis daemon log file.


    To display the SCG error messages in the chassis daemon (chassisd) log file, use the following command:

    user@host> show log chassisd

    Sample Output

    t320@host>  show log chassisd
    Dec 17 11:11:12 SCG 1 removed
    Dec 17 11:11:12 CHASSISD_FRU_OFFLINE_NOTICE: Taking SCG 1 offline - Removal
    Dec 17 11:11:12 CHASSISD_SNMP_TRAP7: SNMP trap: FRU removal: jnxFruContentsIndex 11, jnxFruL1Index 2, jnxFruL2Index 0, jnxFruL3Index 0, jnxFruName SCG 1, jnxFruType 2, jnxFruSlot 2


    The chassisd database provides the date, time, and a component status message. The chassisd database is dynamic. It is initialized at router startup and is updated when components are added or removed.

    Published: 2012-08-20