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    Display the SCB Detailed Status


    To display a detailed status of the SCB.


    To display more detailed SCB status information, use the following command:

    user@host> show chassis scb

    Sample Output

    user@host> show chassis scb
    SCB status:
      Temperature                 27 degrees C / 80 degrees F
      CPU utilization              2 percent
      Interrupt utilization        0 percent
      Heap utilization            16 percent
      Buffer utilization          44 percent
      Total CPU DRAM              64 Mbytes
      Internet Processor II          Version 1, Foundry IBM, Part number 9
      Start time:                    2001-12-07 08:59:04 PST
      Uptime:                        4 hours, 40 minutes, 28 seconds


    The command output displays the temperature of the air passing by the SCB, in degrees Centigrade and Fahrenheit. It displays the total percentage of CPU being used by the SCB processor and the percentage being used for interrupts, the percentage of heap space and buffer space being used by the SCB processor, the total DRAM available to the SCB processor, the time when the SCB started running, and how long the SCB has been running. The Internet Processor version and part number are also displayed.


    Published: 2012-08-20