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Maintaining the T4000 Routing Engines



For optimum router performance, verify the condition of the Routing Engines.


On a regular basis:

  • Check the host subsystem LEDs (HOST0 and HOST1) on the craft interface. During normal operations:

    • The green host subsystem OK LED on the craft interface is lit.

    • The red host subsystem FAIL LED on the craft interface is not lit.

      If the red HOST0 FAIL or HOST1 FAIL LED is lit, see Troubleshooting the T4000 Host Subsystems

  • Check the LEDs on the Routing Engine. During normal operation, the ONLINE LED on each Routing Engine is lit green, indicating that the Routing Engine is functional.

  • Check the LCD on the craft interface to view information about the router temperature and the status of the Routing Engines.

  • Use the show chassis routing-engine command to check the status of the Routing Engines.