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    Checklist for Monitoring the Routing Engine


    You monitor and maintain the Routing Engine, a key router component, to ensure that all system processes function normally, including routing protocols, packet forwarding tables, router interfaces, system management, Junos OS and file system storage, and monitoring functions. (See Table 1.)


    Table 1: Checklist for Monitoring the Routing Engine

    Monitor Routing Engine Tasks

    Command or Action

    Routing Engine Status
    1. Check the Detailed Routing Engine Status

    show chassis routing-engine

    show chassis environment routing-engine

    1. Check the Routing Engine LEDs
    1. Check the Redundant Routing Engine Status from the Craft Interface CLI Output

    show chassis craft-interface

    Routing Engine Failure
    1. Check core files if the Routing Engine reboots
    1. Display the Log File When Kernel Crash Core File Is not Generated

    show system storage

    show system boot-messages

    show log messages

    1. Check for CompactFlash card and hard disk failure
    1. Understand What Happens When Memory Failures Occur
    1. Check the Router File System and Boot Disk

    show system storage

    1. Display the Current Routing Engine Alarms

    show chassis alarms

    1. Display Error Messages in the System Log File

    show log messages

    1. Document the Events Prior to the Failure

    Write down failure events as they occur. Turn on logging on your system console.

    Routing Engine Hardware Information
    1. Display Routing Engine Hardware Information

    show chassis hardware

    1. Locate the Routing Engine serial number ID label

    Locate the Routing Engine serial number ID label. If you see two serial numbers, give both to JTAC.

    Removing a Routing Engine

    The Routing Engine is hot-pluggable. Follow the procedures in the applicable router hardware guide.

    Note: The M5/M10 routers have a cover over the Routing Engine. The M40e and M160 routers have a cover over all the rear chassis components. Remember to remove the screws (M5/M10, M20, M40e, and M160 routers) or captive screws (T320 router and T640 router) next to the ejector clips before you remove the Routing Engine.

    Published: 2012-08-20