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    Display Error Messages in the Chassis Daemon Log File


    To determine the details of the error messages in the Chassis Daemon Log File.


    To display router component errors in the chassis daemon (chassisd) system log file, use the following command:

    user@host> show log chassisd

    The chassis daemon (chassisd) log file keeps track of the state of each chassis component.

    To search for specific information in the log file, use the | match component-name command; for example, show log messages | match fpc. If there is a space in the component name, enclose the component name in quotation marks; for example, | match “power supply”.

    To search for multiple items in the log file, use the | match command followed by the multiple items, separated by the | (pipe), and enclosed in quotation marks; for example, | match “fpc | sfm | kernel | tnp”.

    To monitor the chassisd file in real time, use the monitor start chassisd command. This command displays the new entries in the file until you stop monitoring by using the monitor stop chassisd command.

    Published: 2012-08-20