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    Display the Hardware Components Installed in the Router Chassis


    To obtain a list of the hardware components installed in the router chassis.


    To display a list of the hardware components installed in the router chassis, use the following operational mode command:

    user@host> show chassis hardware

    Sample Output

    m160@host>  show chassis hardware
    show chassis hardwareItem             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
    Chassis                                101               M160
    Midplane         REV 02   710-001245   S/N AB4107
    FPM CMB          REV 01   710-001642   S/N AA2911
    FPM Display      REV 01   710-001647   S/N AA2999
    CIP              REV 02   710-001593   S/N AA9563
    PEM 0            Rev 01   740-001243   S/N KJ35769       DC
    PEM 1            Rev 01   740-001243   S/N KJ35765       DC
    PCG 0            REV 01   710-001568   S/N AA9794
    PCG 1            REV 01   710-001568   S/N AA9804
    Host 1                                 da000004f8d57001  Present
    MCS 1            REV 03   710-001226   S/N AA9777
    SFM 0 SPP        REV 04   710-001228   S/N AA2975
    SFM 0 SPR        REV 02   710-001224   S/N AA9838        Internet Processor I
    SFM 1 SPP        REV 04   710-001228   S/N AA2860
    SFM 1 SPR        REV 01   710-001224   S/N AB0139        Internet Processor I
    FPC 0            REV 03   710-001255   S/N AA9806        FPC Type 1
      CPU            REV 02   710-001217   S/N AA9590
      PIC 1          REV 05   750-000616   S/N AA1527        1x OC-12 ATM, MM
      PIC 2          REV 05   750-000616   S/N AA1535        1x OC-12 ATM, MM
      PIC 3          REV 01   750-000616   S/N AA1519        1x OC-12 ATM, MM
    FPC 1            REV 02   710-001611   S/N AA9523        FPC Type 2
      CPU            REV 02   710-001217   S/N AA9571
      PIC 0          REV 03   750-001900   S/N AA9626        1x STM-16 SDH, SMIR
      PIC 1          REV 01   710-002381   S/N AD3633        2x G/E, 1000 BASE-SX
    FPC 2                                                    FPC Type OC192
      CPU            REV 03   710-001217   S/N AB3329
      PIC 0          REV 01                                  1x OC-192 SM SR-2 


    The command output displays a list of the components installed in the M160 router chassis, including the name, revision level, part number, serial number, and a brief description of the component. From this output, you can determine which components to maintain and monitor to ensure optimum router operation. The command output is similar for other routers.

    Published: 2012-08-20