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    Checking the PIC Status

    To check the PIC status:

    1. Display the PIC Media Type and FPC Status
    2. Display the PIC Interface Status Information
    3. Viewing the PIC LED States

    Display the PIC Media Type and FPC Status


    To check the PIC media type and FPC status.


    To display the PIC media type and FPC status, use the following operational mode command:

    user@host> show chassis fpc pic-status

    Sample Output

    user@host> show chassis fpc pic-status
    Slot 0 Online
       PIC 0    1x OC-12 SONET, MM
      PIC 1    4x OC-3 SONET, SMIR
      PIC 2    4x E1, BNC
      PIC 3    1x CSTM1, SMIR
    Slot 1 Online
      PIC 0    4x CT3
    Slot 2 Online
      PIC 0    1x Tunnel
    Slot 4 Online
    Slot 5 Offline
    Slot 6 Online
      PIC 0    1x OC-192 12xMM VSR


    The command output displays the status for all FPCs installed in the router and a description of the PICs installed in each FPC, including the number of ports, media type, mode, and reach. The FPCs in slots 0, 1, 2, 4, and 6 are online. The FPC in slot 5 is offline. The PICs installed in the router include SONET, E1, Channelized STM1, CT3, Tunnel, and OC192 media PICs.

    In the example, PIC 0 is one-port, SONET, OC12, and multimode.

    For more detailed information about PIC types, see the appropriate router PIC guide.

    To check PIC status including port information, use the show chassis pic pic-slot # fpc-slot # command. The command output for an M10i router displays the PIC type, ASIC type, operating status, PIC version, and how long the PIC has been online. Additionally, the command output displays the PIC port number, type, small form-factor pluggable transciever (SFP) vendor, and part number information.

    user@host> show chassis pic pic-slot 0 fpc-slot 1
    PIC fpc slot 1 pic slot 0 information:
      Type                             1x OC-48 SONET SFP
      ASIC type                        D chip
      State                            Online
      PIC version                  1.1
      Uptime                        7 days, 13 hours, 29 minutes, 51 seconds
    PIC Port Information:
      Port        Cable             SFP                SFP Vendor
      Number      Type              Vendor Name        Part Number
      0           OC48 SHORT REACH  SumitomoElectric   SCP6828-J1-ANE
      1           UNKNOWN CABLE
      2           UNKNOWN CABLE
      3           UNKNOWN CABLE 

    To check the PIC media type and status for a particular FPC, use the show chassis fpc pic-status fpc-slot command.

    To display PIC hardware information, including the media type description, use the show chassis hardware command.

    show chassis fpc <pic-status <fpc-slot >>show chassis hardware

    Display the PIC Interface Status Information


    To display the status information of each configured PIC interfaces.


    To display the status of each configured interface, use the following operational mode command:

    user@host>show interfaces terse

    Sample Output

    user@host> show interfaces terse
    Interface       Adman Link Port Local             Remote
    so-0/0/0        up    up  
    so-0/0/0.0      up    up   inet      -->
    so-0/1/0        up    down
    so-0/1/1        up    down
    e1-0/2/0        up    down
    e1-0/2/1        up    down
    t1-1/0/0:1      up    down
    t1-1/0/0:2      up    down
    gr-2/0/0        up    up  
    ip-2/0/0        up    up  
    [...Output truncated...]


    The command output shows the names of all interfaces configured on the router. The interface name indicates the media type-fpc/pic/port (for example, so-0/0/0.0). It shows whether the interface is on (up) or off (down) and whether the link state is up or down. Additionally, the output shows the protocol configured on that interface and the local address of the interface, as well as the address of the remote side of a connection for point-to-point interfaces. Refer to the PIC for port numbering.

    A line in the sample output shows the status of a SONET interface on FPC 0, PIC 0, port 0, and logical unit number 0. The status of the interface is up. The link status is up. The protocol configured on the interface is inet. The local interface IP address is and the remote IP address is

    The interface is configured with a /32 subnet. If you configure the interface with a different subnet, the output will be different.

    For more detailed information about monitoring interfaces, see the Junos OS System Basics and Services Command Reference.

    To view more detailed information about a particular interface, use the show interfaces interface-name brief command. The command output shows the interface status, link-level type, loopback, device flags, interface flags, keepalive settings, keepalive input, active alarms, and defects.

    To view interface status information, use the show interface descriptions command. This command displays the interface status and the description given when configured on the router.

    show interfaces terse <interface-name> show interfaces <interface-name> brief

    Viewing the PIC LED States


    For PICs that have a physical port, the LEDs indicate the status of the physical link. If the LED is green, the physical link is up. If the LED is red or amber, the physical link is down. Usually, when the LED is red, the receive port is not receiving a signal. If the LED is amber, the receive port is getting a remote alarm from the device.

    For PICs with no physical port, such as a tunnel or encryption PIC, the LED indicates the status of the PIC.


    The Tunnel PIC, which has no ports, has a single LED. Each LED has four different states, described in Table 1.

    Table 1: Tunnel PIC LEDs






    The FPC has detected a PIC failure.



    The port is functioning normally.


    Problem detected;
    still functioning

    To track the problem, use the CLI.


    Not enabled

    The port is not enabled or the PIC is offline.

    For M7i and M10i routers, most PICs have an LED labeled STATUS on the PIC faceplate. Some PICs have additional LEDs, often one per port. The meaning of the LED states differs for various PICs. For more information, see the appropriate router PIC guide.

    Published: 2012-08-20