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    Display the Error Messages in the System Log file


    To determine PIC failure by checking the details of the PIC error messages in the system log file.


    To display PIC error messages in the system log file, use the following command:

    user@host> show log messages | match PIC

    Sample Output

    user@host> show log messages | match PIC
    Apr  8 10:01:20 aspirin scb CM: PIC 0/2, ID 0x0206, hardware error, offlined
    Apr  8 10:01:20 aspirin alarmd[2671]: Alarm set: FPC color=RED, class=CHASSIS, reason=PIC 0/2 failed to initialize
    Apr  8 10:01:20 aspirin fpc0 PIC: PIC 2 discovery error (1)
    Apr  8 10:01:20 aspirin fpc0 CMFPC: Hardware error discovering PIC 2, ID 0x0206
    Apr  8 10:01:21 aspirin scb CM: ALARM SET: (Major) Slot 0: PIC 0/2 failed to initialize


    When a PIC fails, the messages system log file records the time the failure or event occurred, the severity level, a code, and a message description. Use the show log messages command to browse error messages that are generated at least 5 minutes before and after a PIC event. You can also use the show log messages | match PIC command to view specific PIC error messages with common information. Use this information to diagnose a PIC problem and to let the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) know what error messages were generated and the router events prior to the problem. For more information about system log messages, see the Junos OS System Log Messages Reference.

    Published: 2012-08-20