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    Determine the Routing Engine Mastership by Checking Status


    To determine the Routing Engine mastership by checking the status.


    To determine Routing Engine mastership, use the following command:

    user@host> show chassis routing-engine

    Sample Output

    user@host> show chassis routing-engine
    Routing Engine status:
      Slot 0:
        Current state                  Master
        Election priority              Master (default)
        Temperature                 29 degrees C / 84 degrees F
        DRAM                      2048 MB
        Memory utilization          11 percent
        CPU utilization:
          User                       0 percent
          Background                 0 percent
          Kernel                     2 percent
          Interrupt                  0 percent
          Idle                      98 percent
        Model                          RE-3.0
        Serial ID                      P10865701859
        Start time                     2004-04-15 18:45:12 UTC
        Uptime                        6 days, 3 hours, 56 minutes, 8 seconds
    Routing Engine status:
      Slot 1:
        Current state                  Backup
        Election priority              Backup (default)
        Temperature                 26 degrees C / 78 degrees F
        DRAM                      2048 MB
        Memory utilization          10 percent
        CPU utilization:
    [...Output truncated...]


    The command output displays which Routing Engine is master (the one in Slot 0 RE0) and which is backup (the one in Slot 1 RE1) plus other hardware and operational status information.

    Published: 2012-08-20