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    Checklist for Host Redundancy


    You monitor redundant Routing Engines, host modules, and host subsystems to provide a standby Routing Engine and controller component that will switch from standby to active, assuming mastership, with limited running downtime when a failure occurs.

    This chapter provides an overview of how redundant host modules, host subsystems, and Routing Engines work on various routing platforms. Additionally, it describes the topics as listed in Table 1.


    Table 1: Checklist for Host Redundancy

    Monitor Redundant Routing Engine Tasks

    Command or Action

    Routing Engine, Host Module, and Host Subsystem Redundancy Connections
    Determine Which Routing Engine You Are Logged In To 
    1. Determine Which Routing Engine You Are Logged In To

    show chassis routing-engine

    1. Display the Router Hardware

    show chassis hardware

    Routing Engine Mastership
    1. Determine the Routing Engine Mastership by Checking Status

    show chassis routing-engine

    1. Determine Routing Engine Mastership by Checking the LEDs

    Physically check the LEDs on either the craft interface or the Routing Engine (depending on which chassis the Routing Engine is installed).

    1. Log in To Backup Routing Engine If Graceful Switchover is Configured

    request routing-engine login other-routing-engine

    Manually Configure Master and Backup Routing Engines

    For slot 0:
    set chassis redundancy routing-engine 1 master

    For slot 1:
    set chassis redundancy routing-engine 0 backup

    Manually Switching Routing Engine Mastership

    request chassis routing-engine master (acquire | release | switch)

    Determining Why Mastership Switched

    show log mastership

    Configuring the Backup Routing Engine to Assume Mastership on Failure of Keepalives

    show log mastership
    set chassis redundancy keepalive-time 300

    Avoid Redundancy Problems
    1. Operate the Same Type of Routing Engine and Junos OS

    The active and standby Routing Engines must be the same type of Routing Engine and must operate the same version of Junos OS.

    1. Use the Groups Configuration

    set groups group-name

    1. Synchronize Configurations

    commit synchronize

    1. Copy a Configuration File from One Routing Engine to Another

    file copy <source> <destination>

    1. Use the Proper Shutdown Process on a Backup Routing Engine

    request system halt

    Published: 2012-08-20