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    Checklist for Monitoring the HCM


    You monitor the High-Availability Chassis Manager (HCM) on the M10i router to ensure that it works with its companion Routing Engine to provide control and monitoring functions for router components. You also monitor the HCM to ensure that it displays alarm status and takes PICs online and offline. (See Table 1.)


    Table 1: Checklist for Monitoring the HCM

    Monitor HCM Tasks

    Command or Action

    HCM Overview
    Monitor the HCM Status
    1. Check HCM LEDs

    Look at the LEDs on the HCM component faceplate.

    1. Check HCM Environmental Status

    show chassis environment hcm

    1. Check the Companion Routing Engine Status

    show chassis routing-engine

    Display HCM Alarms

    show chassis alarms

    Perform A Swap Test
    1. Remove an HCM

    Remove the HCM and replace it with one that you know works.

    Follow the procedure in the M10i Multiservice Edge Router Hardware Guide to remove an HCM.

    1. If two HCMs are installed, determine which HCM is master using the show chassis environment hcm command.
    2. Switch HCM mastership using the request chassis routing-engine master switch command.
    3. Shut down the router software using the request system halt command.
    4. Remove the Routing Engine.
    5. Remove the failed HCM.
    1. Install an HCM
    1. Install the HCM that works.
    2. Install the Routing Engine.
    3. Ensure that the HCM is functioning properly using the show chassis environment hcm command.

      If the HCM still doesn’t work, return it. See Return the Failed Component or follow the procedure described in the M10i Internet Router Hardware Guide.

    Obtain HCM Hardware Information
    1. Display the HCM Hardware Information

    show chassis hardware

    1. Locate the HCM Serial Number ID Label

    Look near the front of the component on the right side.

    Return the HCM

    See Return the Failed Component, or follow the procedure in the M10i Multiservice Edge Router Hardware Guide.

    Published: 2012-08-20