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    Checking FPC Status and Temperature


    (M40e, M160, M320, T320, and T640 router only) To verify FPC error conditions by checking the FPC status and temperature for a particular FPC slot.


    To display the FPC status and temperature for a particular FPC slot, use the following command:

    user@host> show chassis environment fpc fpc-slot
    user@m160> show chassis environment fpc 0
    FPC 0 status:
      State                           Online
      Temperature                  39 degrees C / 102 degrees F
        1.5 V                    1496 mV
        2.5 V                    2485 mV
        3.3 V                    3306 mV
        5.0 V                    4991 mV
        5.0 V bias               4993 mV
        8.0 V bias               8251 mV
      CMB Revision                 12


    The command output displays the status of the FPC in slot 0, including the state, temperature, voltage levels on the FPC, and the revision level of the chassis management bus backup. The state can be Unknown, Empty, Present, Ready, Announce online, Online, Offline, or Diagnostics. An Offline state indicates an FPC error condition.

    Published: 2012-08-20