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    Replacing an FPC


    Display the current FPC alarms.

    To determine the details of the FPC alarms using the command line, or checking the alarms on the craft interface physically.


    You can display current FPC alarms at the command line or use the following command:

    user@host> show chassis alarms


    The command output displays the current FPC alarms, including the time the alarm occurred, the severity level, and the alarm description. At the command line, you see the following FPC error messages:

    Too many unrecoverable errors
    Too many recoverable errors

    From the router craft interface LCD screen, you see the following:

    Slot x: errors

    Check for FPC alarms on the router craft interface. You can physically look at the craft interface or use the show chassis craft-interface command. When a red or yellow alarm occurs, the craft interface goes into alarm mode. Alarm mode preempts idle mode, displaying a message to alert you of serious alarm conditions. In alarm mode, the screen displays the following information:

    |myrouter            |
    |1 Alarm active      |
    |R: Slot 2:errors    |
    |                    |

    The craft interface output provides the following information:

    • First line—Name of the router.
    • Second line—Number of alarms active on the router.
    • Third and fourth lines—Individual alarms, with the most severe condition shown first. Each line indicates whether the alarm is a red (R) or yellow (Y) alarm.

    Published: 2012-08-20