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    Check the Redundant Control Board Environmental Status


    To obtain the environmental status of the redundant Control Board.


    To check the redundant Control Board environmental status, use the following CLI command:

    user@host> show chassis environment cb

    Sample Output

    t640@host> show chassis environment cb  
    CB 0 status:
      State                           Online Master
      Temperature                  29 degrees C / 84 degrees F
        1.8 V                    1805 mV
        2.5 V                    2501 mV
        3.3 V                    3293 mV
        4.6 V                    4725 mV
        5.0 V                    5032 mV
        12.0 V                  11975 mV
        3.3 V bias               3286 mV
        8.0 V bias               7589 mV
      GBUS Revision                40
      FPGA Revision                 7
    CB 1 status:
      State                           Online Standby
      Temperature                  32 degrees C / 89 degrees F
        1.8 V                    1802 mV
        2.5 V                    2482 mV
        3.3 V                    3289 mV
        4.6 V                    4720 mV
        5.0 V                    5001 mV
        12.0 V                  11946 mV
        3.3 V bias               3274 mV
        8.0 V bias               7562 mV
      GBUS Revision                40
      FPGA Revision                 7


    The command output displays which Control Board is master and standby. Additionally, the command output displays the Control Board state, redundancy status, temperature, power source, and circuitry revision level for each Control Board installed in the router chassis. CB1 is shown in standby mode, and is the redundant Control Board.

    To display the environmental status of a particular Control Board, use the following command:

    t640@host> show chassis environment cb slot

    Published: 2012-08-20