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    Checklist for Monitoring Redundant Control Boards


    You monitor and maintain redundant Control Boards installed in the M320 router, T320 router, T640 router, T1600 router, TX Matrix router, or TX Matrix Plus router to ensure that there is no interruption of functions such as the following:

    • Router component monitoring and control for failure and alarm conditions
    • Component power-up and power-down control
    • Redundant Routing Engine and Control Board mastership control
    • Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC) error detection and reset control
    • SONET clock source generation and monitoring
    • SONET reference clock monitoring (from the FPC and BIT interfaces)
    • I2C controller monitoring
    • Fan speed monitoring and control

    For more information about monitoring a single Control Board, see Checklist for Monitoring the Control Board.

    Table 1 provides a checklist of tasks you perform to monitor redundant Control Boards.


    Table 1: Checklist for Monitoring Redundant Control Boards

    Monitor Redundant Control Board Tasks

    Command or Action

    Display Redundant Control Board Hardware Information

    show chassis hardware

    Display Redundant Control Board Mastership
    1. Check the Redundant Control Board Environmental Status

    show chassis environment cb

    1. Check the Redundant Control Board Status from the Craft Interface

    show chassis craft-interface

    1. Check the Redundant Control Board LED Status

    Examine the LEDs on the Control Board faceplate.

    Switch Control Board Mastership

    Press the Control Board offline button on the component faceplate.

    Check the Control Board Alarms

    For conditions that trigger Control Board alarms, see Display the Current Router Alarms.

    Replace a Control Board
    1. Determine whether the host subsystem is functioning as master or as backup by using the show chassis routing-engine command.
    2. Take the host subsystem offline if the Control Board is master by using the request chassis routing-engine master switch command.
    3. Replace the Control Board with a known working one.
    4. Check the Control Board status by examining the LEDs on the Control Board faceplate, or by using the show chassis hardware command.
    Return the Control Board

    Locate the Control Board serial number ID label. See Return the Failed Component or the appropriate hardware guide.

    Published: 2012-08-20