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    Perform a Swap Test on the CFEB


    To verify CFEB failure by performing a swap test on the CFEB.

    Caution: Before performing a swap test, always check for bent pins in the midplane and check the CFEB for stuck pins in the connector. Pins stuck in the component connector can damage other good slots during a swap test.

    To perform a swap test on an CFEB, follow the procedure in the M10i Multiservice Edge Router Hardware Guide for replacing and installing a CFEB.

    One or two CFEBs can install into the uppermost slots in the rear of the chassis. Only one CFEB is active at a time, with the optional second CFEB in reset mode. CFEBs are hot-pluggable. Removing the standby CFEB has no effect on router function.

    If the active CFEB fails or is removed from the chassis, the effect depends on whether two CFEBs are installed:

    • If there is only one CFEB, forwarding halts until the CFEB is replaced and functioning again.
    • If there are two CFEBs, forwarding halts until the standby CFEB boots and becomes active.

    In both cases, all components in the Packet Forwarding Engine reset, and it takes approximately one minute for the new CFEB to become active; synchronizing router configuration information can take additional time, depending on the complexity of the configuration.


    To perform a swap test on a CFEB:

    1. Place an electrostatic bag or antistatic mat on a flat, stable surface.
    2. Attach an electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap to your bare wrist, and connect the strap to one of the ESD points on the chassis.
    3. If you are removing the active CFEB, press and hold the offline button on the faceplate until the amber LED labeled FAIL lights, which takes about 5 seconds. (The effect of removing the active CFEB depends on whether a second CFEB is installed.
    4. Loosen the thumbscrew on each ejector lever using a Phillips screwdriver if necessary.
    5. Pull the end of each ejector lever outward until it is nearly perpendicular to the CFEB faceplate.
    6. Grasp the ejector levers and pull firmly to slide the CFEB about halfway out of the chassis.
    7. Place one hand under the CFEB to support it, slide it completely out of the chassis, and place it on the antistatic mat or in the electrostatic bag.

      Caution: When a CFEB is out of the chassis, do not hold it by the ejector levers. They cannot support the weight of the CFEB.

    8. Verify that the ends of the ejector levers are pulled outward to a position nearly perpendicular to the faceplate of the CFEB.
    9. Place one hand under the CFEB to support it and grasp one of the ejector levers at the front with the other hand.
    10. Align the rear of the CFEB with the guides inside the chassis and slide it in completely.
    11. Press the ejector lever at each end of the CFEB inward.

    Do not stack CFEBs on top of or under other components. Place each one individually in an electrostatic bag or on its own antistatic mat on a flat, stable surface.


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    Published: 2012-08-20