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    Display CFEB Alarms


    To determine the details of the CFEB alarms. For conditions that trigger CFEB alarms, see Display the Current Router Alarms.


    To display CFEB alarms, use the following command:

    user @host> show chassis alarms

    Sample Output

    user@host> show chassis alarms
    1 alarms currently active
    Alarm time               Class  Description
    2004-10-08 00:29:02 PDT  Major  CFEB not online, the box is not forwarding 


    The command output displays the alarm date, time, severity level, and description.

    The CFEB generates a red alarm. Table 1 displays the CFEB alarms, severity, and remedies.

    Table 1: CFEB Alarms, Remedies, and Severity


    Alarm Condition


    Alarm Severity


    The router has an optional internal flash drive and boots from an alternate boot device. If you configure your router to boot from the hard disk, ignore this alarm condition.

    Replace the failed or missing CFEB.


    Both CFEBs have been removed or have failed.

    Replace the failed or missing CFEB.


    Too many hard errors in CFEB memory.

    Replace fthe ailed CFEB.


    A CFEB microcode download has failed.

    Replace the failed CFEB.


    (M7i router) Look at the alarm LEDs on the right side of the FIC.

    (M10i router) Look at the alarm LEDs on the right side of the HCM.


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    Published: 2012-08-20