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Maintaining the M10i CFEB and CFEB-E



For optimum cooling, verify the condition of the CFEB.


The Compact Forwarding Engine Board (CFEB) or Enhanced Compact Forwarding Engine Board (CFEB-E) installs into the rear of the chassis, as shown in M10i Chassis Description. To maintain the CFEB or CFEB-E, perform the following procedures regularly:

  • Check the system logging messages on the management console. The CFEB or CFEB-E notifies the Routing Engine of any errors it detects during normal operation.

  • Issue the CLI show chassis cfeb command to check the status of the CFEB (first output example) or the CFEB-E (second output example).

    user@host> show chassis cfeb

    For a description of the output from the command, see the CLI Explorer.