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    Checklist for Maintaining Cables and Connectors


    You maintain the router cables in the cable management system to ensure that fiber-optic cables have the proper bend radius and to ensure that all cables are organized and securely in place.

    You maintain the PIC cables and connectors to ensure that they transport incoming packets from the network and transmit outgoing packets to the network.

    You maintain the power cables and connectors to ensure that power is supplied to the router.

    You maintain the Routing Engine external cables and connectors to ensure that you can connect external devices to the router. (See Table 1.)


    Table 1: Checklist for Maintaining Cables and Connectors

    Maintain Cable and Connector Tasks

    Command or Action

    Maintaining the PIC Cables

    Use only specified cables and connectors.

    Maintaining the PIC Fiber-Optic Cable

    Follow all guidelines to ensure that fiber-optic cables transmit packets to and from the network.

    Cleaning the Transceivers

    Follow all procedures in the cleaning kit you use. See the appropriate router hardware guide and the PIC hardware guide.

    Checking the PIC Port Status
    1. Check the PIC or FPC LED Status

    Check the PIC LEDs.

    1. Display the PIC Media Type

    show chassis fpc pic-status

    show chassis pic pic-slot numberfpc-slot number

    Maintaining the Power Cables

    Use the specified cables and connectors. Turn power off to the router, then reconnect power using the replacement cables.

    Maintaining Routing Engine External Cables

    Turn off the power switch, if necessary. Use the specified cable and connector.

    Replacing the Cable Management System

    See Return the Failed Component, or follow the procedure in the appropriate router hardware guide.

    Published: 2012-08-20