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    Check the PIC or FPC LED Status


    To determine the PIC port status by checking the PIC or FPC LEDs.


    To view the PIC port status, look at the PIC or FPC LEDs. You can also use the show chassis fpc pic-status fpc-slot or the show chassis pic pic-slot number fpc-slot number commands.

    For M5, M10, and M20 routers, each port on each PIC has one LED, which is located on the PIC faceplate above the optical transceiver. Each LED has four different states, described in Table 1. If the cable is installed properly, the PIC port LED is green.

    For M5 and M10 routers, if the Forwarding Engine Board (FEB) detects a PIC failure, it sends an alarm to the Routing Engine.

    Table 1: M5, M10, and M20 Router PIC LEDs






    PIC is online but the link has failed.



    Port is functioning normally.


    Problem detected; still functioning

    To track the problem, use the CLI.


    Not enabled

    Port is not enabled.

    For M7i and M10i routers, check the LEDs on the PIC faceplates. Most PIC faceplates have an LED labeled STATUS. Some PICs have additional LEDs, often one per port. The meaning of the LED states differs for various PICs. Each PIC has an LED on the FIC labeled PICS ON/OFF that shows whether the PIC is online.

    For M20 routers, if the FPC that houses the PIC detects a PIC failure, the FPC informs the System and Switch Board (SSB), which in turn sends an alarm to the Routing Engine.

    For M40 routers, each FPC has two LEDs that report its status as OK or Fail. The LEDs are located below each FPC, on the craft interface. If there is a PIC failure, the FPC Fail LED lights.

    For M40e, M160, and T320 routers and T640 routers, each of the eight FPC slots in the router has two LEDs and an offline button located directly above it on the craft interface. The green LED labeled OK and the red LED labeled FAIL indicate the FPC status, as described in Table 2. The offline button, labeled with the FPC slot number (for example, FPC4), prepares the FPC for removal from the router when pressed. Press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until the FAIL LED lights.

    Each FPC slot has two LEDs that indicate its status. The FPC LEDs, labeled FPC0 through FPC7, are located along the bottom of the craft interface.Table 2 describes the functions of the FPC LEDs. Each FPC also has a button that you use to take the FPC offline and bring it online. The button is located next to the FPC LEDs on the bottom of the craft interface.

    Table 2: M40e, M160, T320, and T640 Router FPC LEDs 







    On steadily

    FPC is functioning normally.


    FPC is starting up.



    On steadily

    FPC has failed.


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    Published: 2012-08-20