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Troubleshooting Line-Card Chassis Alarm Messages



Description: An alarm occurred on a line-card chassis (LCC) in a routing matrix.


To troubleshoot LCC alarm messages:

  1. Check the LEDs on the faceplate of each component.
  2. Check the LEDs on the craft interface.
  3. Issue the show chassis alarms lcc lcc-number command to view the alarms.

The text in the column labeled ”LCD Message” appears in the display of the craft interface. The text in the column labeled “CLI Message” appears in the output from the show chassis alarms command.

Table 1: LCC Chassis Alarm Messages

Alarm Type

Craft Interface LCD Message

CLI Message

Alarm Condition



T1600 Rear Fan Tray in LCC

T1600 Rear Fan Tray in LCC

For T1600 routers in a routing matrix, the rear fan tray part number 760-009870 is not supported.

Replace the rear fan tray with part number 760-024613.


ST_SIB_L sib-number:VCSEL Fault

ST_SIB_L sib-number: SIB VCSEL Fault

Loss of signal (LOS) has occurred in a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) in a TXP-T1600 SIB.

Replace the TXP-T1600 SIB on the T1600 router.


SIB sib-number FPC Links

SIB sib-number FPC Link Error

The TXP-T1600 SIB has detected Link errors on FPC-SIB links.

To isolate the problem:

  1. Replace the TXP-T1600 SIB.
  2. If the problem persists, replace each FPC.
  3. If you are unable to isolate the problem, contact JTAC.