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Troubleshooting the T320 FPCs




During normal operation:

  • The green OK LED above the FPC on the craft interface lights steadily when the FPC is online and functioning normally.

  • The green OK LED blinks during startup.

The red FAIL LED on the craft interface above the FPC indicates a problem.


To troubleshoot the FPCs:

  1. If the red FAIL LED above the FPC is on, look at the display on the craft interface to check the status of the FPC and the PICs that are plugged into it.
  2. Use the following CLI commands to check the status of an FPC:
    user@host> show chassis fpc

    To display more detailed information, use the following option:

    user@host> show chassis fpc detail
  3. Make sure the FPC is properly seated in the midplane. Check that each ejector handle has been turned clockwise and is tight. Use a screwdriver to check that the screws inside the ejector handles are tight.