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    Troubleshooting FPCs on the M40e Router


    The FPCs are not functioning normally.


    As soon as an FPC is seated in an operating router, the Routing Engine downloads the FPC software to it. The FPC then runs diagnostics and enables the PICs housed on it. During this time, the green LED labeled STATUS above the FPC on the craft interface blinks. When the FPC is online and functioning normally, the STATUS LED lights steadily.

    To troubleshoot the FPCs, follow these guidelines:

    • If the red LED labeled FAIL above the FPC on the craft interface lights steadily, check the LCD on the craft interface for a message about the status of the FPC and the PICs housed in it.
    • Make sure the FPC is properly seated in the midplane—use a Phillips screwdriver to check that the screws at the top and bottom of the card carrier are tight.
    • To check the status of an FPC, issue the CLI command:

      user@host> show chassis fpc
                      Temp  CPU Utilization (%)   Memory    Utilization (%) 
      Slot State      (C)  Total  Interrupt      DRAM (MB) Heap     Buffer
        0  Online      37      4          0        32         2         40
        1  Empty
        2  Offline     -- FPC not supported on platform --         
        3  Empty           
        4  Online      34      1          0        32         1         40
        5  Online      35      4          0        32         2         40
        6  Online      39      4          0        32         1         39
        7  Empty 

      For more detailed output, add the detail option. The following example also specifies a slot number (0), which is optional:

      user@host> show chassis fpc detail 0
       Slot 0 information:
        State                            Online    
        Temperature                   37 degrees C / 98 degrees F
        Total CPU DRAM                32 MB
        Total SRAM                     4 MB
        Total SDRAM                  128 MB
        I/O Manager ASIC information     Version 3.0, Foundry IBM, Part number 0
        I/O Manager ASIC information     Version 3.0, Foundry IBM, Part number 0
        Start time:                      2003-03-31 20:54:30 PDT
        Uptime:                          25 days, 8 hours, 5 minutes, 32 seconds

      For further description of the output from the commands, see the Junos OS System Basics and Services Command Reference.

    Published: 2010-10-28