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Troubleshooting M120 FPCs and CFPCs



Description: The FPCs or CFPCs are not functioning normally.


As soon as an FPC (or CFPC) is seated in an operating router, the Routing Engine downloads the FPC software to it under two conditions: the FPC is present when the Routing Engine boots the Junos OS, and the FPC is installed and requested online through the CLI or push button on the front panel. The FPC then runs diagnostics and enables the PICs housed on it. During this time, the green LED labeled STATUS above the FPC on the craft interface blinks. When the FPC is online and functioning normally, the STATUS LED lights steadily.

To troubleshoot the FPCs:

  • Make sure the FPC is properly seated in the midplane. Check that each ejector handle has been turned clockwise and is tight.

  • Issue the show chassis fpc command to check the status of installed FPCs. As shown in the sample output, the value Online in the column labeled State indicates that the FPC is functioning normally:

    user@host> show chassis fpc

    For more detailed output, add the detail option. The following example also specifies a slot number (2), which is optional:

    user@host> show chassis fpc detail 2

    For further description of the output from the commands, see the CLI Explorer.