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Replacing the SYSIOC on the SRX1400 Services Gateway


The system I/O card (SYSIOC) is installed in the front of the SRX1400 Services Gateway.

To replace the SYSIOC:

  1. If you have not already done so, power off the services gateway as described in Powering Off the SRX1400 Services Gateway.
  2. Place an electrostatic bag or antistatic mat on a flat, stable surface.
  3. Attach an ESD grounding strap to your bare wrist and connect the strap to one of the ESD points on the chassis. For more information about ESD, see Preventing Electrostatic Discharge Damage to the SRX1400 Services Gateway.
  4. Disconnect any cables attached to the console or management ports.
  5. Loosen the captive screws at each end of the SYSIOC faceplate.
  6. Pull open the ejector handles to unseat the SYSIOC.
  7. Grasp the SYSIOC by the ejector handles and slide it halfway out of the chassis. See figure Figure 1.
    Figure 1: Removing the SYSIOC from the SRX1400 Services Gateway
    Removing the SYSIOC
from the SRX1400 Services Gateway
  8. Place one hand underneath the SYSIOC to support it and slide it completely out of the chassis.
  9. Place the SYSIOC on the antistatic mat.

    We strongly recommend to reinstall the SYSIOC into the emptied slot as soon as the replacement card is ready, in order to protects the device from dust entering into the system through empty slot.

  10. Carefully align the sides of the replacement SYSIOC with the guides inside the chassis.
  11. Slide the SYSIOC into the chassis until you feel resistance.
  12. Press both of the ejector handles inward to seat the SYSIOC as shown in Figure 2.
    Figure 2: Installing the SYSIOC from the SRX1400 Services Gateway
    Installing the SYSIOC
from the SRX1400 Services Gateway
  13. Tighten the captive screws on the left and right of the SYSIOC faceplate.
  14. Insert the appropriate cables into the cable connector ports on each SYSIOC.
  15. Power on the services gateway, as described in Powering On the SRX1400 Services Gateway.

    The SYSIO LED on the SYSIOC faceplate should blink green, then light steadily.


    If the SYSIO LED is red, remove and reinstall the SYSIOC. If the SYSIO LED remains red, the SYSIOC is not functioning properly. Contact your customer support representative.

  16. Check the status of the SYSIOC by using the show chassis environment fpc 0 command.

Never lift the services gateway using the handles on the front panels of the IOCs or other CFM cards. The handles might come off, causing the chassis to drop and inflicting possible grave injury.


Do not let fiber-optic cable hang free from the connector. Do not allow fastened loops of cable to dangle, which stresses the cable at the fastening point.


Avoid bending fiber-optic cable beyond its minimum bend radius. An arc smaller than a few inches in diameter can damage the cable and cause problems that are difficult to diagnose.