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Monitoring the SRX110 Services Gateway Using Chassis Alarm Conditions


When the services gateway detects an alarm condition, the alarm LED on the front panel turns red or amber as appropriate.

To view a more detailed description of the cause of the alarm , issue the show chassis alarms CLI command.

For more information on the show chassis alarms command, see the following topics:

Table 1 describes alarms that can occur for an SRX110 Services Gateway chassis component.

Table 1: SRX110 Services Gateway Chassis Alarm Conditions and Corrective Actions


Alarm Condition


Alarm Severity

Boot media

The services gateway boots from an alternate boot device.

Amber (minor)

Hardware components on the services gateway

The services gateway chassis temperature or chassis is too warm.

Amber (minor)

The services gateway temperature is too high, either because of an internal overheating condition or because the maximum recommended room temperature has been exceeded.

The services gateway shuts down automatically in 4 minutes.

Red (major)