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Monitoring the SRX210 Services Gateway Power System


The LEDs on the services gateway enable you to determine the performance and operation. The Power LED, located on the front panel of the services gateway, indicates the different settings with respect to the power system.

Table 1 describes different Power LED status settings and their corrective actions.

Table 1: Services Gateway Power LED Status

LED Status


Possible Cause and Corrective Action


The device is receiving power, and the internal power supply is functional.

Normal indication. No action is required.


The Power button has been pressed and quickly released. The device is shutting down or starting up.

Normal indication. No action is required.


The device is not receiving power.

  • Verify that the AC power cord from the power source to the device is not damaged. If the insulation is cracked or broken, immediately replace the cord or cable.

  • Ensure that the socket you plug in is in working condition.

  • Ensure the device has an AC input voltage between 110 and 240 VAC.

  • If you cannot determine the cause of the problem or need additional assistance, contact the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC). See Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center .