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Troubleshooting the Power System on the SRX1400 Services Gateway


To verify that a power supply is functioning normally:

  • Check the LEDs on each power supply faceplate. If an AC or DC power supply is correctly installed and functioning normally, the OUTPUT OK status LED on the power supply faceplate blinks, then lights steadily approximately five seconds after you switch the power supply circuit breaker on.

    For more information on power supply LEDs, see SRX1400 Services Gateway DC Power Supply or SRX1400 Services Gateway AC Power Supply.

  • Use the CLI show chassis environment pem command to check the status of installed power supplies. As shown in the sample output, the value Online in the rows labeled State indicates that the power supplies in slots P0 and P1 are functioning normally:

    user@host>show chassis environment pem

If a power supply is not functioning normally, perform the following tasks to diagnose and correct the problem:

  • If a red alarm condition occurs, use the show chassis alarms command to determine the source of the problem.


    If the system temperature exceeds the red-alarm threshold, Junos OS shuts down all power supplies so that no status is displayed.

    Junos OS also can shut down one of the power supplies for other reasons. In this case, the remaining power supplies provide power to the services gateway, and you can still view the system status through the CLI or J-Web interface.


    The services gateway shuts down automatically if the device temperature exceeds the red-alarm threshold. In this case, the Routing Engine will also be in the off state, and you must press the POWER button to power on the device again.

  • Verify that the Routing Engine, SYSIOC, and at least one power supply is installed on the SRX1400 Services Gateway and are functioning properly; otherwise the device can not be powered on.

  • Verify that the source circuit breaker has the proper current rating. Each power supply must be connected to a separate source circuit breaker.

  • Verify that the AC power cord or DC power cables from the power source to the services gateway are not damaged. If the insulation is cracked or broken, immediately replace the cord or cable.

  • Connect the power supply to a different power source with a new power cord or power cables. If the power supply status LEDs indicate that the power supply is not functioning normally, the power supply is the source of the problem. Replace the power supply with a spare, as described in Replacing a DC Power Supply on the SRX1400 Services Gateway or Replacing AC Power Supply Cables on the SRX1400 Services Gateway.

  • Verify that power supply is functioning properly by checking the status of power supply LED. For more information, see SRX1400 Services Gateway AC Power Supply or SRX1400 Services Gateway DC Power Supply.


    If the SRX1400 Services Gateway is not powering on and the power supply LED is blinking, press the Power button to power on the device.

  • If you cannot determine the cause of the problem or need additional assistance while troubleshooting a services gateway, open a support case using the Case Manager link at: , or call 1-888-314-JTAC (within the United States) or 1-408-745-9500.