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Powering Off a JCS 1200 Routing Engine

When you power off the Routing Engine, it is still connected to power through the JCS 1200 platform. The Routing Engine can respond to requests from the service processor, such as a remote request to power on the Routing Engine. To remove all power from the Routing Engine, you must remove it from the JCS 1200 platform.

Issue the shutdown –T system:blade[x] command (where x is a value of 1 through 12) from the management module CLI. The command shuts down the Routing Engines cleanly, so their state information is preserved. For more information, see the JUNOS Protected System Domain Configuration Guide.

The Routing Engine can then be powered off in any of the following ways:

  • You can press the power control button for more than four seconds on the Routing Engine behind the control panel door (see JCS 1200 Routing Engine Control Panel Buttons and LEDs).
  • If the system is not operating correctly, the management module will automatically power off the Routing Engine.
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