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    Return the Failed Component

    To return a failed component:

    1. Determine the part number and serial number of the component. To list the numbers for all components installed in the chassis, use the following command:
      user@host> show chassis hardware

      If the component does not appear in the hardware inventory listing, check the failed component for the attached serial number ID label.

      Note: The cooling system components (fans and impellers) do not have serial numbers. Therefore, you will not see a serial number listed in the hardware inventory or a serial number ID label on the component.

    2. Obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from JTAC. You can send e-mail to, or call 1-888-314-JTAC (within the United States) or 1-408-745-9500 (from outside the United States).

      Provide the following information in your e-mail message or during the telephone call:

      • Part number, description, and serial number of the component
      • Your name, organization name, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address
      • Shipping address for the replacement component, including a contact name, phone number, and e-mail address
      • Description of the failure, including log messages

        The support representative will validate your request and issue an RMA number for the return of the component

    3. Pack the router or component for shipment, as described in the appropriate router hardware guide. Label the package with the corresponding RMA number.

    Published: 2012-08-20