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Maintaining the Fan Tray on the SRX1400 Services Gateway


The fan tray contains two fans that work in unison to cool the services gateway components. If one fan fails, the host subsystem adjusts the speed of the remaining fan to maintain proper cooling. A red alarm is triggered when a fan fails, and a yellow alarm and red alarm is triggered when a fan tray is removed.


The fan tray supports hot-swappable functionality. We recommend that you reinstall the fan tray within three minutes; otherwise, the services gateway temperature exceeds the maximum recommended room temperature and the device shuts down automatically in 4 minutes.

If one fan fails, you must replace the failed fan immediately. If the remaining fan also fails, then all the components in the device go offline automatically (when both fans fail).

To display the status of the cooling system, use the show chassis environment command. The output is similar to the following:

user@host> show chassis environment