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    Maintaining the PIC Cables

    To maintain the PIC cables, follow these guidelines:

    • Make sure that you use the cable and connector type that is specified in the appropriate router hardware guide, especially for the cable and connectors that are not supplied, such as the single-mode interface (fiber) and multimode interface (fiber).
    • Make sure that all cable connectors are securely connected. Securely screw in the cable connector screws.
    • Use the cable management system to support cables and prevent them from being dislodged or developing stress points.
    • Place excess cable out of the way in the cable management system and place fasteners on the loop to help to maintain the shape of the cables. Do not allow fastened loops of cable to dangle from the system, as this stresses the cable at the fastening point.
    • Keep the cable connections clean and free of dust and other particles which can cause drops in the received power level. Always inspect cables and clean them if necessary before connecting an interface.
    • Label all PIC cables to identify them. Label each end of the cable the same way.

    Published: 2012-08-20