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Upgrading the Junos OS in a T640 Router Before Integrating the Router into a Routing Matrix


If the version of the Junos OS running on the T640 router is earlier than Release 7.0, you must upgrade the software before connecting it to the TX Matrix router. For information about installing and upgrading Junos OS, see Installing the Software Package on a Router with Redundant Routing Engines..


For the RE-C1800 Routing Engine and LCC-CB, Junos OS Release 11.4R9 is required.

After you have upgraded the software on the router and are satisfied that the new packages are successfully installed and running, issue the request system snapshot command to back up the new software. For more information, see request system snapshot.

If you are integrating an operational T640 router with the TX Matrix router, the TX Matrix router and T640 router must each contain two host subsystems, and all host subsystems must be running the same Junos OS release. This is a requirement for graceful switchover, which is a requirement for integrating an operational T640 router with the TX Matrix router. For information about graceful switchover, see Configuring Graceful Routing Engine Switchover.


We recommend that you run the same Junos OS release on the master and backup Routing Engines. If you elect to run different Junos OS releases on the Routing Engines, a change in Routing Engine mastership can cause one or all T640 routers to be logically disconnected from the TX Matrix router. For more information, see Running Different Junos OS Releases on the Routing Engines.