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Overview of Integrating an Offline Line-Card Chassis into a Routing Matrix


After you install the required hardware on the line-card chassis (LCC), you set the LCC chassis ID, and connect the LCC router to the TX Matrix Plus router, including its redundant control and switching planes.

After you convert the offline (not passing traffic) LCC, you integrate it with the TX Matrix Plus router:

  1. Gather the tools and parts required.
    • Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2

    • Small slotted screwdriver, at least 4 in. long (for the TXP-T1600 SIB ports)

    • Dust-free resealable plastic bags for temporary storage of switching plane port and cable dust covers

    • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding wrist strap

  2. Verify that the switching plane cables have been connected to the TX Matrix Plus router. The cables should already be routed between the TX Matrix Plus router and the LCC, but not connected to the LCC.

    See the following documentation:

  3. Connect the switching plane cables to the LCC.

    See the following documentation:

  4. Connect the control planes. See Control Plane Connections from the TX Matrix Plus Router to the Line-Card Chassis andConnecting the Control Planes to an Offline Line-Card Chassis.
  5. Power on the LCC.

    See Powering On the Line-Card Chassis.