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Overview of Providing Power to the TX Matrix Plus


To provide power to the TX Matrix Plus router:

  1. Read the safety guidelines and warnings for working with electricity.

    TX Matrix Plus General Electrical Safety Guidelines

    General Electrical Safety Warnings for Juniper Networks Devices

    TX Matrix Plus DC Power Electrical Safety Guidelines

    DC Power Electrical Safety Warnings for Juniper Networks Devices

  2. Gather the tools for connecting to power.
    • 7/16-in. (11 mm) nut driver, with a minimum of 23 lb-in. (2.6 Nm) and 25 lb-in. (2.8 Nm) tightening torque, for tightening nuts to terminal studs on each power supply.


      You must use an appropriate torque-controlled tool to tighten the nuts. Applying excessive torque damages the terminal studs and power supply. The maximum torque that may be applied to this nut is 25 in-lb (2.8 Nm).

    • Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2.

  3. Connect the DC power cables to the power supplies, and power on the TX Matrix Plus router.

    Providing Power to a Seven-Input 420-A Power Supply