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Integrating Line-Card Chassis into an Upgraded TX Matrix Plus Routing Matrix with 3D SIBs


To integrate additional line-card chassis (LCC) into a TX Matrix Plus Routing Matrix with 3D SIBs:

  1. Upgrade the switch-fabric chassis (SFC) and connected line-card chassis to 3D SIBs.

    See Upgrading an Operational TX Matrix Plus Routing Matrix to 3D SIBs.

  2. For any additional line-card chassis to be integrated into to the TX Matrix Plus routing matrix, upgrade to 64-bit Junos OS Release 13.2 or later.

    See Upgrading the Junos OS on the TX Matrix Plus Router and Line-Card Chassis.

  3. Upgrade all components in the LCCs to be added except the SIBs.

    See the following documentation:

  4. Upgrade the SIBs in the LCC to be added. Note

    The LCC must be powered off before the SIB upgrade and integration into the routing matrix.

    See Upgrading the SIBs in an Offline Line-Card Chassis.

  5. Integrating the offline LCC.

    See Overview of Integrating an Offline Line-Card Chassis into a Routing Matrix.

  6. Power on the LCC.

    See Powering On the Line-Card Chassis.

  7. Repeat the procedures for offline upgrade and integration for the remaining LCCs to be added.
  8. Verify that the TX Matrix Plus routing matrix is operating properly.

    See Overview of Verifying the State of a Routing Matrix .

  9. Register your upgrade.

    See Registering Your Switch-Fabric Chassis and Line-Card Chassis Upgrade.