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Installing the T1600 Mounting Hardware for an Open-Frame Rack

If you are installing the router into an open-frame rack, you must first install the large mounting shelf on the rack. If you are front-mounting the router, you must remove the center-mounting brackets from the chassis. The small mounting shelf and the spacer bars are not needed.

Table 1 specifies the mounting holes in which you insert the mounting screws (an X indicates a mounting hole location), and cage nuts if needed. The hole distances are relative to one of the standard “U” divisions on the rack. For reference, the bottom of all mounting shelves is at 0.04 in. (0.02 U) above a “U” division.

Table 1: Open-Frame Rack Mounting Hole Locations


Distance Above “U” Division

Large Shelf


34.13 in. (86.7 cm)

19.50 U



30.63 in. (77.8 cm)

17.50 U



28.88 in. (73.3 cm)

16.50 U



25.38 in. (64.5 cm)

14.50 U



23.63 in. (60.0 cm)

13.50 U



20.13 in. (51.1 cm)

11.50 U



18.38 in. (46.7 cm)

10.50 U



17.75 in. (45.1 cm)

10.14 U


To install the large mounting shelf (see Figure 1):

  1. Install cage nuts, if needed, in the mounting holes specified in Table 1.
  2. On the rear of each rack rail, partially insert a mounting screw into the lowest hole specified in Table 1 for the large shelf.
  3. Install the large shelf on the rack. Rest the bottom slot of each flange on a mounting screw.
  4. Partially insert screws into the open holes in the flanges of the large shelf.
  5. Tighten all the screws completely.
  6. Remove the mounting brackets from the chassis by loosening the screws at the top and bottom of each bracket.

The router is shipped with each spacer bar attached to the rear of each front-mounting flange. Remove each spacer bar by removing the screws that fasten the spacer bar to the front-mounting flange.

Figure 1: Installing the Mounting Hardware for an Open-Frame Rack

Image g001505.gif

Published: 2009-09-30

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